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Real Results with Real Regrowth


Stop looking in the mirror and seeing patchy and thinning hair! Stop your hair loss and regrow your hair today in the privacy and convenience of your own home with the Leimo® Hair Regrowth System.

The Leimo® Hair Regrowth System is the world-leader in home-based hair regrowth treatments and is on a mission to help millions of people put the hair loss behind them.

This system offers a wide range of specialized hair regrowth and hair care products with the Leimo® Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit individually formulated for men and women for the treatment of hair loss. It is based on developing a system which not only treats hair loss but also prevents further hair loss through the continued use of the Leimo® hair and scalp care products.

The Leimo® Personal Hair Laser works by using Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Light Emitting Diode Therapy (LEDT) to create a process known as Photobiostimulation. This provides stimulus to the hair follicles by increasing the cells’ available energy which results in hair regrowth and healthier hair follicles. The Leimo® Personal Hair Laser has a stimulating bar made of urethane rubber to provide an acupuncture effect which stimulates better blood circulation for the nourishment of the hair follicles and healthier growth.

The revolutionary cordless, handheld design Leimo® Personal Hair Laser means portability and ease of use. It not only assists in stopping hair loss and in the growth of new hair, but also results in healthier, thicker and shinier hair – all in the comfort and privacy of your home!

For the first time, you can now enjoy the full benefits of both Laser and LED therapies and have your own hair clinic at home with Leimo®. With 99% success rate and Money Back Guarantee*. *Conditions apply.

So ACT NOW to look younger, gain more self-esteem with your new thicker, fuller and healthier hair. Don’t exhaust your chance to regrow the hair that you’ve lost. Get a move on and experience real hair regrowth with Leimo®. You deserve it!

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Client Testimonials


Victoria, Manchester, England
Hair loss runs in our family and most of my aunts have resorted to wearing toupees to look, well, normal. But I couldn’t quite accept this fate. I knew I ...

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Rex, Bristol, England
My doctor advised me to use the Leimo Hair Regrowth products a year ago to save my disappearing locks. At first, I was skeptical because I thought it was just ...

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Marita, Gladstone, Australia
I’ve been a Leimo client for a year now and they never fail to satisfy me. I am pleased with the excellent results the products yield. Thank you, Leimo, for ...

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Carlos Perth Australia
As a runway model, it is extremely important that I look good always. You can only imagine how devastated I was when I learned that I suffered from Male Pattern ...

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